Rosalind Lawson


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I have been a papermaker and paper artist since 1992. Study tours in Thailand, Burma and Japan as well as extensive study in Australia has informed my practice. These works combine direct and indirect paper casting techniques (using kozo paper and konyaku as a stiffening agent)
sumi na gashi - a marbling technique and some paper has been printed with photographs of my drawings.

The drawings have been made using oil pastel and ink on gessoed paper and then developed using a sgraffito technique.
The hybrid nature of these works is the culmination of a constant exploration of techniques and approaches in many disciplines throughout
my artistic career.
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Another Kind of Sublime

72cm x 180cm
Marbled Kozo Paper, Linocut, Pastel, Ink

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Between the Falls 2

72cm x 105cm
Marbled Kozo Paper with Printed Cast Forms, Oils, Pastel, Ink
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Between the Falls

72cm x 105cm
As above
Wonju Centre for Handmade Paper Korea
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70cm x 110cm
As Above
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72cm x 110cm
Water Colour, Marbled Cut Kozo Paper
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Moorabool 3

70cm x 60cm x 60cm
Cast & Digitally Printed Paper
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Murubul 1

140cm x 40cm x 40cm
As Above
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The 4 Rivers

50cm 180cm x 83cm
Cast, Printed Paper, Shift, Perspex