Rosalind Lawson


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I have several group exhibitions planned for 2018/2019. The first is the Sheilas exhibition titled: When I grow up. This will be at BackSpace in Ballarat opening on Saturday 28th July 2-4. A large selection of women artists will present one work each, interpreting the theme in very different ways. My work titled I Am has come about through contemplating what I will become after death. An accompanying poem starts with : I am the moon rising over the bent knee mountain.

The Wildlife Art Museum Australia is such an exciting project. An ambitious group of people are working towards establishing a purpose built museum in a botanical setting in the Northern Grampians – Gariwerd Victoria. Where Art Meets Nature, this venture will concentrate on exhibiting wildlife art from the earliest times to the most contemporary.

Merle Hathaway is curating an exhibition as part of the WAMA project and I will be showing several fungi paintings. This opens on Friday 16
th November At Lucy McEachearns studio in Inverleigh. See web site for further details.

Opening in Backspace Ballarat in February will be
Natural Abstraction. curated by Lynden Nicholls. Andrew Thomas, Lynden and myself will be exhibiting works exploring the theme in sculpture and photography. More details to come .

I have established a Papermill in Newington Ballarat and workshops are now being held every Saturday 2-4. For beginners and experienced if you are interested contact me