Rosalind Lawson


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I was born in Ballarat, Victoria but grew up in Heidelberg and then Doncaster. My early studies were in Physical Education at the University of Melbourne.
In the 1960s this course involved the traditional study of anatomy and physiology, health nutrition and teaching practice as well as the most creative approaches to performing and teaching movement education. The exploration of how the body moves in space through improvisational dance and educational gymnastics introduced me to the formal and conceptual aspects of art in general. Understandings that I would take with me when I went to RMIT in 1976 to study painting.
I later returned to RMIT and received a Master of Fine Art ( Course Work ) 1995.
I am currently a sessional lecturer at the Arts Academy, University of Ballarat.
A residency in Ireland 1978-1980 played a great part in establishing my personal art practice. Barnacoyle House in Newcastle County Wicklow was owned by Noel Sheridan
a most influential art educator and administrator in Ireland and Australia.
The house was available for Australian artists to live and work and was organized by the Australia Council.
It is difficult to categorize my art work because I have a very untidy, itinerant but creative mind and over time it has led me to produce work in a variety of mediums and styles. Often process driven I avoid formulas and try to find the most effective way to express my ideas. Painting, drawing, papermaking and paper art are the disciplines I work in